Who We Are

McKinley Foundation has a dual focus of lifting up social justice needs on campus and throughout Champaign County as well as providing safe space for students from all backgrounds to grow into awareness of and leadership in social justice endeavors. We provide opportunities for students to volunteer in meeting the needs of our communities as well as participate in social justice through the arts. McKinley Foundation owns Presby Hall, a certified housing residence hall for UIUC students.

Black Lives Matter Statement

In 2020, we watched as the world changed around us in a variety of ways. An unprecedented global pandemic highlighted the inequities of American society and will continue to do so for years to come. Simultaneously, systemic prejudice against Black Americans made these disparities uncomfortably stark.  As a result, we the McKinley Presbyterian Church and Foundation seek to reaffirm our commitment to righting these systemic wrongs in our own community. This Black Lives Matter Statement reflects this commitment and outlines strategies to hold ourselves to the highest standard possible. This statement is a living document and will change as circumstances necessitate. It is just the beginning.