Meet This Year’s Social Justice Award Winners – Lucia Maldonado

Lucia Maldonado

This year’s recipient of the Community Individual Award, Lucia Maldonado, was described by her nominators as “a true community treasure,” and we couldn’t agree more. In her capacity as the Latino Parent Liaison for first the Champaign School District and now the Urbana School District, Maldonado has helped families navigate the difficulties of her constituency, including many who are Spanish-speaking and undocumented (both adults and minors). She has worked tirelessly to help those who have been targeted by anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies. Her efforts toward public education and activism around immigration issues have contributed to a national discussion that led to a changes in the administration.

During the pandemic, Maldonado spent many days teaching families the importance of PPE, the correct way to wash hands, and how to stop spread of the disease. She helped organize Spanish-speaking people from the community as contacts for families who were sick; she coordinated food deliveries for those in quarantine; and she ensured students have the equipment they need and access to attend classes remotely. Working with Julie Pryde, head of Champaign Urbana Public Health District, Maldonado is making sure accurate information about COVID is shared with her constituency, and is assisting with outreach to those who qualify for the vaccine.

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