New Exhibit at Artists’ Alley

Between Line and Plain: Different Roads, Same Destination
An Exhibition of Paintings and Fiber Art
Rosalind Faiman Weinberg and Sally Bliss Nolan

Weinberg Prairie embroidery thread on canvas 14 in H x 18 in W x 2 in D
Prairie I, Embroidery Thread on Canvas, by Rosalind Faiman Weinberg

Exhibit Run: March 23-April 30, 2018
Open House: April 12, 4:30 to 7 PM
Artists Talk: April 12 at 6 PM

This exhibit features two Central Illinois artists who share a vision of minimalism in painting the Prairie in its broadest abstract sense. Sally Nolan and Rosalind Weinberg come from different backgrounds and different life experiences, yet somehow they have arrived at a similar place in their artistic expression in the plastic arts. Their minimalist approach to painting and fiber art clearly shows the influence of the Prairie on their emotional and artistic lives.

Sally Bliss Nolan2
Bloomington Moraine, Acrylic on Canvas by Sally Bliss Nolan

Nolan strives for a constant controlled, smooth paint surface without perceivable brushstrokes. Her large abstract pieces are minimal in composition, using both line and color to define the rural nature of the local landscapes. Her close link to the agricultural lifestyle comes through as reoccurring themes of the ebb and flow of time and space.

Weinberg paints and embroiders landscapes that are spiritual and analytical in concept, depicting the beauty of objects we see every day and using color to interact with light to combine minimal shapes into organic forms. Weinberg’s work arises from her background and training in Physical Chemistry and her studies of the interaction of light with matter. She uses rectilinear forms to express what mankind creates on the landscape and color to depict that made by nature. Thus her canvases distill her visual ideas into highly reductive compositions. Her paintings have emerged as her Prairie Prayer Shawl Series.

This exhibit is part of the 2018 Boneyard Arts Festival.

Established in 2017, Artists’ Alley is a Fine Art Gallery sponsored by the McKinley Foundation. It is located off the Presby Hall lobby at 405 E. John Street in Champaign. Open 9 AM and 8 PM daily.

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