Have You Visited Artists’ Alley Lately?

The cold weather and your busy schedule may not permit you to wander some of our most beautiful state parks and their hidden treasures, but a quick trip to Artists’ Alley at Presby Hall will immerse you in Lori Fuller’s artistic interpretation of the same.

Our newest exhibit, Beyond the Landscape, features acrylic paintings and colored pencil drawings inspired by the natural landscape. This exhibit offers a detailed look at the textures, rhythms, and unique color palette found in nature and examines our interaction with our natural environment. Daily Illini reporter Tommy Block described the exhibit in his January 29 feature article:

“A pool of pristine water beams a reflection of trees up toward the sky, straddling the horizon. Jagged wrinkles along with a sheet of rock harness a feeling of wisdom. A splintering layer of wood creeps toward the forefront of a rugged landscape, dragging with it shadows of mystery and intrigue.”

Beyond the Landscape is on exhibit through March 15, 2018. Located at Presby Hall, 405 E. John Street, Artists’ Alley is open between 9 AM and 8 PM daily.