McKinley in Action

On Sunday, February 19, members of the McKinley Presbyterian Church, the McKinley Foundation, and some students met with Mike Doyle, the Executive Director of the University YMCA and a board member of the CU Immigration Forum to share with us how we might better partner with immigrants in our community after the 10:30am worship. Follow up meeting are being scheduled to put some plans into action.

The C-U Immigration Forum is a group of immigrants, students, clergy, service providers, labor union representatives, residents, and community organizations concerned about the progress and plight of immigrants in the Champaign County community. The forum, which meets every second Tuesday, works to

  • celebrate the diversity and culture that immigrants contribute to our community;
  • educate the public about issues that affect local immigrant communities;
  • advocate for the rights of immigrants and encourage their full participation in civic, cultural, social and political life in our community;
  • promote permanent and positive changes that will improve the quality of life for immigrants in our community; and
  • organize for policies that lead to just and humane treatment to all immigrants that are part of our community.