Sponsor the Awards

We know our community houses unsung heroes in the cause of justice. The McKinley Foundation Social Justice Awards acknowledge these heroes at its annual Social Justice Awards Gala. This year’s gala is Saturday, April 29, 2017.


Sponsoring this event gives you the opportunity to give back to the community by showing how much you value fairness and justice in supporting the 2017 McKinley Foundation Social Justice Awards.


When you sponsor the Social Justice Awards, we all win! You, the award recipients, McKinley Foundation, and a community that will be more aware of how social injustice is being addressed and who is making the effort.


The McKinley Foundation Social Justice Award honors four individuals and organizations (representing both students and the broader community) for their exceptional dedication to advancing a cause of social justice locally, nationally or internationally, and for their work to increase awareness of injustice issues and significantly improve the circumstances of those who have suffered unfair treatment.

Award recipients receive tickets to the gala and a $500 award to their organization or to the organization of their choice.